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Bradley J. Lang is a Minnesota private detective licensed to do investigations in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Mr. Lang grew up in western Minnesota and graduated from the University of Colorado with a B.A. degree in Psychology in 1973. He cared for mentally ill and physically handicapped patients at several Minnesota facilities during the 1970s.

He conducted investigations for a law firm and private detective agency while attending William Mitchell College of Law. He continued to do investigations after becoming a Minnesota licensed attorney in 1982.

Mr. Lang founded Fact Investigations, LLC—a licensed, bonded and insured Minnesota private detective agency—in July 2007, and the company obtained its Wisconsin licensure in 2009. He uses sub-rosa and overt methods to conduct field investigations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Mr. Lang has investigated thousands of cases and claims for attorneys, insurance companies, third-party administrators and employers.

His unique legal and investigative background has prepared him to investigate matters involving complex legal issues. He has the right training and experience to recognize important evidence and pull critical information from witnesses.

Because he knows that case outcomes can turn on a single fact, Brad Lang’s mission is to dig deeply to uncover every relevant fact for his clients.

Call Fact Investigations at 763-795-8388 now: Because you need to know the facts.

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"For over 20 years, I have used Bradley Lang to investigate facts and obtain witness statements. I have always been impressed with the high quality of his factual investigations. He is prompt, efficient and thorough in what he does. For many of my clients’ lawsuits, I am convinced that his investigative work has been the winning difference. He is an excellent private investigator; I strongly recommend him to others."

—Brent D. Sjodin
Attorney at Law