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The following case studies are actual MN and Wisconsin investigation cases or claims Brad Lang has investigated:

Insurance Fraud Lands Injured Worker in Prison

A workers’ compensation insurance company and its attorney retained investigator Lang to determine whether an injured worker who was collecting partial wage loss benefits had submitted copies of fraudulent paychecks to support his claim. In a meeting with investigator Lang, the bank president confirmed to Lang that the checks were never processed by the bank. The worker subsequently lost his claim for benefits and was prosecuted by the county attorney, convicted of insurance fraud, and sent to prison.

Drinking Husband Loses in Divorce and Child Custody Case

Investigator Lang was hired by a woman in a divorce and child custody case to determine if her separated husband was complying with the family court judge’s order forbidding his use of alcohol. During the investigation, Lang videotaped him drinking several beers in a bar in a Mexican resort town. The client was awarded custody of her young son and a substantial share of the multi-million dollar marital estate.

Disabled Employee Gets Caught Romping with Dog

Insurance investigator Lang was hired by a self-insured employer and its attorney to investigate whether a female employee was unable to drive or walk following a work injury. During surveillance at the woman’s home, Lang videotaped her playing, throwing sticks and running with her dog. The investigation videotape was shown in court and the woman lost her claim for wage loss benefits.

Back Injury Investigation Catches Employee Fishing

A workers’ compensation insurance company and its attorney hired insurance investigator Brad Lang to assess the validity of the claim of an employee who was off work and collecting disability benefits due to an alleged back injury. Lang took a statement from the injured employee’s best friend indicating that since being off work the employee had been frequently fishing, working on his car, involved in other strenuous activities, and openly talking about filing a fraudulent insurance claim. The claim was later settled for nuisance value.

Teacher Misconduct Investigation Forces Teacher to Resign

Investigator Lang was hired by a Minnesota school district’s lawyer to investigate allegations of teacher misconduct. Lang witnessed a male teacher and female student smoking marijuana on a canoe trip. He videotaped the teacher handing beer to the underage girl. When the teacher was presented with the investigation evidence against him, he resigned.

Employee Videotaped Working Out at Gym

Insurance investigator Lang was hired to conduct surveillance to determine whether a male employee was disabled following a work related back injury. Investigator Lang followed the employee to a health club, where he videotaped the employee working out on various weight machines. The investigation videotape was played in court and the claim was settled quickly.

Con Artist Investigation Protects Aging Mother

A woman hired Lang to investigate the new boyfriend of her aging mother. Lang found the man had had four prior marriages, so he interviewed two of the former spouses and the son of the deceased third ex-wife. Investigator Lang uncovered the man’s history of taking money and property from women and persuaded one of the ex-wives and the son of the deceased ex-wife to meet with and warn the client’s mother.

Bottle-Flipping Bartender Loses Workers’ Compensation Case

Insurance investigator Brad Lang was hired by a workers’ compensation insurance company to document the activities of a construction worker who was missing work due to a shoulder injury and rumored to be working on the side as a bartender. Lang videotaped the man in the bar lifting and carrying cases of beer, reaching above his head, and twirling bottles in the air and performing other bartender tricks. The case settled soon after the investigation videotape was viewed by counsel.

Self-Employed Businessman Collecting Disability Drops Claim

Insurance investigator Lang was hired by a workers’ compensation insurance company to determine if a self-employed businessman who was collecting wage loss benefits due to a back injury was still working. Investigator Lang conducted surveillance and videotaped the subject at his office numerous times. Lang then took a lengthy, videotaped statement of the man at his attorney’s office. Investigation resolution: The businessman decided to drop his claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Truck Driver Injured During Questionable Activities Tries to Claim Workers’ Comp

A trucking company and its attorney retained Investigator Lang to investigate a workers’ compensation claim by a truck driver who was injured during a robbery while parked over night in Atlanta, Georgia. Lang canvassed the neighborhood where the incident occurred and found a bar security guard who recalled seeing the driver with three known prostitutes shortly before the assault. Using his laptop computer and portable printer, Investigator Lang took a typed statement from the security guard regarding his observations. The case settled for nuisance value.

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