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Workers’ Compensation Investigation Should Have Just One Goal…

Getting the facts you need to support your position in a
case or claim

Workers’ compensation investigations must discover every relevant fact. Brad Lang vows to search out all the important stuff because he knows that case outcomes can turn on a single fact. He has been compiling and presenting comprehensive investigation reports for 30 years, telling his clients about facts that support their position…and warning them about facts that don’t.

His witness and employee statements are complete and to the point.

Licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin, private detective firm Fact Investigations, LLC, conducts investigations throughout both states.

Get the facts to support your case or claim. Call Brad Lang now at 763-795-8388.

What Fact Investigations can do for you…

Minnesota investigator Brad Lang conducts workers’ compensation investigations for defense and plaintiffs’ counsel, insurance companies, third party administrators and self-insured employers.

Fact Investigations’ many investigation services:

  • Taking detailed, tape-recorded statements from employees
  • Locating witnesses
  • Interviewing co-workers and other witnesses
  • Taking typed witness statements (using a laptop computer and portable printer)
    only when beneficial to the client's case
  • Obtaining medical, court, police and other records
  • Accident scene photographing and diagramming
  • Subrogation investigations
  • Video surveillance
  • Use of button-hole video camera for undercover video recording
  • Sub-rosa (undercover) investigations
  • Neighborhood activity checks to learn what neighbors are observing
  • Complete and concise investigative report writing to summarize witness testimony and identify relevant evidence
  • Trial testimony in Minnesota or wherever needed
  • Process service

Call now at 763-795-8388 and tell private detective Brad Lang what he can do for you.

Learn more facts about Fact Investigations…

Investigations in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota and Wisconsin.



"I have known and worked with Brad Lang for over 25 years. He is without a doubt the finest private detective I have ever worked with. He is a “thinking man’s” investigator…very thorough and intelligent. I strongly recommend Brad"

—Thomas P. Kieselbach
Attorney at Law